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Folder Management


On the View Folder page, you can view details about documents you've sent for signatures, including:

  • Document names

  • Participant information such as names, email addresses, and the status of their signature request (see Workflow Statuses for more information)

  • A history of activity in the folder

  • Signature statuses

  • Expiration dates

  • An in-portal conversation about the folder

Workflow Statuses

You can instantly see the status of a signature workflow by looking at the color of the border bar next to the document's name.

  • A full grey bar indicates that no action has been taken on the document.

  • A half green bar indicates that at least one participant has signed the document.

  • A full green bar indicates that all participants have signed the document.

  • A full red bar indicates that the payment has expired.

  • A full black bar indicates that the payment has been refused.

You can also see the workflow statuses of individual participants:

  • normal_profile.pngDefault status; participant has been added to the workflow but has not taken any action.

  • completed_profile.png Participant has signed the document and completed their required tasks.