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Release Notes

This article contains summaries of the bug fixes, feature enhancements, and new features for each new version of Sertifi Next Generation.

Version 0.17 (August 2020)

What's Been Fixed

  • Some admins were unable to switch between Next Generation and Classic due to an issue in their My Profile settings. This has been resolved, and admins should be able to switch freely between Next Generation and Classic (if switching is enabled by an admin).

  • After sending a folder for signature, certain participants that were removed from the workflow would reappear from time to time at random stages of the workflow setup process.

  • When trying to select a payment method for a payment request, users would receive an error saying “The request is invalid."

What's New

  • Super Admins now have access to an interface choice setting for their portal. This setting allows Super Admins to select the interface their portals will use - Classic, Next Generation, or Admin Choice. Admin Choice enables individual Admins to determine which interface they would like to use. This setting can be found in Account Settings.

  • Users can now directly access Next Generation support documentation from the Next Generation Portal by clicking on either the Help & Support icon in the upper right OR using the link in the "WE'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU" section.

Version 0.13 (July 2020)

  • User interface updates were made to the toggle links, making it easier for users to switch between Sertifi Classic and Sertifi Next Generation.

  • For eSignature and ePayment portals, Super Admins can now choose for their portals to use either the Sertifi Classic or Sertifi Next Generation user interfaces. Super Admins can also give Admins the ability to choose between Sertifi Classic or Sertifi Next Generation. This functionality will become available in eAuthorization portals later this year.

Version 0.12 (July 2020)

  • Previously, Admins would see the same email template when previewing emails, regardless of the group selected. This has been fixed; admins will now see the correct email template for the selected group when previewing the email before sending.