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Release Notes

This article contains summaries of the bug fixes, feature enhancements, and new features for each new version of Sertifi Next Generation.

Version 0.13 (July 2020)

  • User interface updates were made to the toggle links, making it easier for users to switch between Sertifi Classic and Sertifi Next Generation.

  • For eSignature and ePayment portals, Super Admins can now choose for their portals to use either the Sertifi Classic or Sertifi Next Generation user interfaces. Super Admins can also give Admins the ability to choose between Sertifi Classic or Sertifi Next Generation. This functionality will become available in eAuthorization portals later this year.

Version 0.12 (July 2020)

  • Previously, Admins would see the same email template when previewing emails, regardless of the group selected. This has been fixed; admins will now see the correct email template for the selected group when previewing the email before sending.